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Jeremy & Dr. Ally Butrous Radiant Thoughts

Jun 27, 2019

Have you ever noticed that certain relationships or opportunities are just easier? This is one of the ways that the favor of man can work in your life. But what if you are not just gifted favor, but there is a process in which you can grow in favor with man in more ways than you can presently comprehend? God has divine algorithms set in place for you to plug into favor with man and in this episode you will see that it is far from elusive and mysterious, but is actually really practical! Learn how love, righteousness and kindness are three roads to favor and gain steps you can take today to grow in this way of prosperity. God has given you the ability to walk in favor both with Him AND with man and this favor can accelerate a season of life, provide covenant relationships, open doors to prosperous work and beyond! The more you pay attention to this way of prosperity and gain understanding, the more you can seek God’s path and plan for you as you learn how it’s a language that He uses to guide you. Favor with man will take you to places that you could have never gone to on your own and when you are making decisions that follow the favor in your life you will experience an ease and acceleration of breakthrough unlike anything else! Get ready to discover the ways of favor that are open for you right now in your life! If you partner with God in this way of prosperity, how much more access would you have to bring His kingdom to the world?