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Jeremy & Dr. Ally Butrous Radiant Thoughts

Jan 28, 2021

Vienna is a beautiful city, with rich history and culture! In this episode we share about the architecture, and our experience of the culture and food, as well as our meal at one of the world's only vegetarian Michelin Star Restaurants!

Jan 27, 2021

God appoints leaders. Man typically gives labels. In this podcast, we will identify that the messenger gives the assignment - an exciting invitation for the church! Let's get in our proper roles and let's identify the people around us that can help bring about our kingdom calling! 

Jan 26, 2021

In this episode, Dr. All shares from her own story about how life can change in surprising ways. We are never permanently stuck. One of the best things to remember in hard times is that they have not been that way forever, and will not stay that way forever. Hard things can teach us a lot, and if we keep the right...

Jan 25, 2021

It may seem counterintuitive to give what you have in order to prosper more. But, it is the Kingdom way. It lines us up to partner with God's heart and the alignment creates a centrifugal force for prosperity. Giving is discussed in many ways in the Bible, but in this episode, you will learn how giving, in general will...

Jan 21, 2021

In this podcast, Jeremy and Ally share some of their favorite tips and memories from their travels to over 50 countries! You can expect a lot of talk about food, culture, insider tips, travel fails, and reflections. Their goal is that by sharing these, you will feel invited to experience the world with them and be...