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Jeremy & Dr. Ally Butrous Radiant Thoughts

Jan 2, 2020

Did you know that planning is a principle that brings prosperity to all areas of your life? Have you ever thought about how planning is a relational process with God? Planning is not just for your career or finances, it is a principle that you can apply to your physical, emotional, relational and spiritual life. When we start to holistically embrace planning in our life, we really start to see the fruit of this way of prosperity. Let’s look at the psychological benefits of planning and the importance of creating goals that are in line with your values. Planning is so life-giving in how it empowers us to be proactive, rather than reactive in life. This is a super practical way of prosperity that you can take steps to grow in today. You are invited to grab ahold of this natural process to walk out the divine plans that God has set before you!