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Jeremy & Dr. Ally Butrous Radiant Thoughts

Aug 22, 2019

Would you like to have more opportunities, open doors and increase capacity in your life? A key to walking in the fullness of all that God has for you is found in creating new structures that can hold and sustain all that He wants to give you! Get ready to unpack what the bible means when it talks about a ‘new wineskin’ and learn how this practically applies to your life. Most of us end up getting into boxes that God never meant for us to get into. In this episode, take the opportunity to ask yourself if there are better, more excellent ways that could really improve the quality of your life. Join Ally and Jeremy as they explain how the ability to create new structures will facilitate the best case-scenario for you in everything from times of transition, to your daily routine! Rest assured that God has given you permission to be flexible and the ability to grow, to adapt and to change. Learn how this way of prosperity transforms your thought life as well and get ready to see the effect this will have on your happiness, energy and relationships. As you participate in this process with Him and show up fully in your own life, you can walk into a level of capacity and prosperity that until now, did not seem possible! He wants to partner with you and take you from glory to glory today!