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Jeremy & Dr. Ally Butrous Radiant Thoughts

Feb 28, 2019

In this episode, join Ally and Jeremy as they talk about the mystery of how your spouse is a key to your prosperity! Whether you are single or married - this is for you! Most of us desire a prosperous marriage and a prosperous life - ultimately it’s about finding Him in everything that we are doing. But what does God have to say about the prosperity a spouse can bring into our lives? How can we develop healthy mindsets in the way that we see our spouse that will help us to prosper? With fun insights into their own relationship, pull up a chair as Jeremy and Ally dive into how a spouse is a way God has for you to achieve the fullness of possibility and multiplication of your destiny! As you invest in your spouse - you are a direct beneficiary of the fruitfulness that takes place! Listen to find out more about all the prosperity that is possible in marriage relationships! Relationship!


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