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Jeremy & Dr. Ally Butrous Radiant Thoughts

Feb 28, 2019

Come join Ally and Jeremy Butrous as they mine the scriptures to find the ways God has for us to prosper. Get ready to be inspired as they discuss how being slow to anger is a key to unlock your prosperity! Journey with them, as they look at how anger can take us away from love, shut us down and directly restrict the flow of prosperity into our life. It’s time for us all to be so abounding in love and residing in so much self-control, that we are aware of our emotions, do not let them lead us and know how to channel our anger for good! Join in the conversation about how Jesus, who chose to remain in steadfast love, fulfilled His purpose and destiny amidst an abundance of opportunities to be angry. Would you like to learn about the good information your anger is communicating to you, and find out how to come to a solution that actually repairs a relationship or heals a situation? Welcome to the journey of living your best life in the ways of prosperity!

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