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Jeremy & Dr. Ally Butrous Radiant Thoughts

Jun 13, 2019

Would you like to grow in your understanding of how to walk in the fullness of grace that God makes available to you? In this episode, Ally and Jeremy unpack grace as a way of prosperity and bring light to some of the ways that it has been misunderstood. Perhaps you think of grace only as something that ‘fills in the gaps’, meets a place of need or helps when you feel insufficient. But the grace He invites you to partner with is so much more than a moment of power to make it through a situation; it is a supernatural empowerment that will bring you to a place of thriving in every area of your life! Today, you will learn about the biblical standard for this way of prosperity and grow in your knowledge, understanding and awareness of what’s possible as your participate in Heaven’s grace for you. Get ready to be empowered with practical tools that make a way for grace to move you into abundance in every area of your life - your relationships, work, finances, emotions and beyond. As you see what’s possible for you in this way of prosperity, you will be empowered to pursue grace from a place of hope and vision and not simply from a place of lack! Once you realize the grace you are in and begin to walk in it, watch how His strength and power manifests in all areas of your life!