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Jeremy & Dr. Ally Butrous Radiant Thoughts

Jun 6, 2019

Why do you work? Is it mainly to pay the bills? Perhaps you think of your work as a chore, or maybe you even feel like you are a slave to your work? Many people feel this way, but the amazing truth is that God wants to bring you emotional, spiritual, relational, and financial prosperity and blessings through your work! What if your work was seen as a profound encounter with God and God’s heart? In today’s episode, you will gain insight to realign yourself with God’s heart for your work and see how it can bring about your best self, an excitement for life and a sense of purpose in a way that nothing else can. Not only will Ally and Jeremy encourage you that it is entirely possible to reach that level of connection and meaning in your work, but they will show you how there is no ceiling to the prosperity God has for you through your labor! Labor really is such a multi-dimensional way of blessing in our lives and you can uncover and walk into that blessing today! There are options, opportunities and endless possibilities available for you to partner with God to bring prosperity through your work that goes far beyond the financial exchange. It’s time to gain His perspective, power and presence in the midst of your labor. There is nothing stopping you, so let's jump right in to the divine eternal purpose that God has for us all through our labor!