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Jeremy & Dr. Ally Butrous Radiant Thoughts

Mar 21, 2019

Join Ally and Jeremy and get ready to explore how forgiveness releases prosperity! Learn how the redemptive power of forgiveness actually rewrites your past and sets the best course for your future, according to His future! Be ready to tap into God’s heart and mind on how you can walk in the newness of life, rather than live out of past failure or a broken heart. Perhaps you have been badly hurt, feel you have missed it or lost trust in some way - wherever you find yourself, be filled with hope as we discover how to engage with the abundant life that is possible in your story. Be empowered by the fact that no matter what you have experienced, Jesus has not only experienced it first but has worked through it and found the proper way for you to get through to your victory on the other side. Have you ever thought about how forgiveness was one of the first ways that God displayed the kingdom on the earth?! There is no situation that is not covered by His love. Through forgiveness, God can funnel in so much more prosperity than what you may have lost from your painful situation. Make today the day you step into greater wholeness and see how all areas of your life will thrive as you cultivate a lifestyle of forgiveness. Will you say yes to heaven’s full reward?


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