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Jeremy & Dr. Ally Butrous Radiant Thoughts

Jul 25, 2019

Did you know that eagerness can either lead you toward prosperity or away from prosperity? Would you like to learn how to partner with eagerness in a way that accelerates you toward abundant life? Have you ever thought about how biblical eagerness is actually different from the emotional experience of eagerness? God wants you to use His fuel of eagerness to fuel your purpose and in this episode, you will learn how to approach this way of prosperity from a place of abiding in Christ. Get ready to dive into scripture and see what the Bible can teach us about eagerness. Explore with Ally and Jeremy how eagerness is really a posture of the heart that aligns with the eagerness of God, creating open doors and possibilities for you to walk farther in the purposes and plans that He has for your life. The truth is, eagerness properly applied can actually produce greater rest for you as you pursue this way of prosperity from a place of connection with God. You might also be surprised to learn the benefits eagerness has on your relationships, creating greater connectedness and belonging in your family, friendships and workplace! You can apply eagerness today and align with God to bring great prosperity into all areas of your life and the world around you!