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Jeremy & Dr. Ally Butrous Radiant Thoughts

Jul 18, 2019

Join Ally and Jeremy for this episode and learn how this way of prosperity is not about rules to abide by, but rather, a person to abide in! Would you like to access more of heaven today? Abiding is ultimately all about your relationship with God and out of this place of connection with Him, abundant life is made available to you! Did you know that you can bring heaven to earth as you abide in Him? Have you considered how abiding impacts your thoughts and emotions? If your experience of life right now is that you are not thriving or flourishing, it’s worth considering which vine you are connected to. There is an invitation today to a vine that can empower you, sustain you and give you an infusion of life! The truth is, our level of abiding is directly connected to our ability to bring about the plans and purposes that God has for us. Be encouraged that abiding is not a passive relational process, but just like in any relationship, we are responsible for our side of the connection. Let’s explore how we can take ownership and steward our relationship with God in a way that we can be fully abiding in Him, just like Jesus. Connected to life itself, how then will you not flourish, how then will you not prosper? Abiding is not just a way of prosperity, but it is your divine inheritance!